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The Company deals with products, and provide services which meet both British Standards and
environmental standards  compliance .It has recently adhered to products that posses
 ISO 14001 standards. We also provide Servicing and Refilling of all Fire Extinguishers.

The following products are, therefore identified:
- Fire extinguishers(Sizes:1kg, 2kg,3kg,4kg,5kg,6kg,9kg,12kg,25kg,50kg,100kg)
Nb.: We have automatic Fire Extinguishers)
- Co2 (Sizes:2kg,3kg,5kg,10kg,20,kg,25kg,30kg)
- Fire Detection and Alarm Systems ( e.g.. Control Panel, Smoke detector, Heat
detector, Sounder ,Cal point , Bell. NB. We have Kidde Products,Micromark
products, BRK Products, Universal Products)
- Fire Hydrants and Installation (eg.Pillar Hydrants, Underground Hydrants, Duck
Foot, Standpipe, Stand Pipe, Key and Bar Fire Hose and Branch Pipe Jet and
- Fire blankets for restaurant kitchens
- Breathing Apparatus
- Safety Boots and overalls
- Emergency Lights
- Hose reel equipment
- Vehicle Accessories.
The company, recently registered with the Environmental protection Agency as an
 Environmental Compliance Consultant. Activities would involved ,amongst others,
 the design and implementation of Environmental Impact Assement; Environmental Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statements).
Additionally, the company designs Risk Assement and controls for the manufacturing and
other related industries.
The Company places immense value on process of products and services with the view that
 prices are always negotiable because of the concept of safety.
The organization has trained a lot of companies staff in Fire Safety and Risk Assement Studies
and it is crucially important to mention that Training has become an After-sales-services facility.
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