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Wet & Dry Riser system Equip.
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 Fire  Resistant Doors

 Flame Trace System

Hydrants Cabinets



Peace of mind…for you and your business.

Providing you with safety and protection through our unique products.

You CAN Protect Your Properties In An Emergency—By Being Prepared, Not Scared !

What will you do if…

  • Electrical power is off for days…or even weeks?
  • You become suspicious of your babysitter or house help?
  • Cars are broken into in your neighborhood?
  • If an appliance smokes or has an unusual smell?etc.

We’ve got the solutions to help you cope with all of these situations.
Your life becomes easier and safer when you have unique safety and protection products from Bonya.

Let’s face it…we live in a troubled and uncertain world. You turn on the TV or open the newspaper and the headlines warn of  home invasions,  fire disasters e.t.c

You need to protect yourself , family and business but with so many threats out there now, where do you start?

We make it easy. At Bonya, we offer a wide range of Free safety advice, guides and tips as well as the very latest in safety products to help you protect yourself and loved ones.

We are constantly adding to our inventory. Can't find what you're looking for? We can find it for you!

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Film-Forming Foam

Road Runner 1


Foam Trailer

Foam Master

Automatic Type Extinguishers

C02 Extinguishing System

Home Guard













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